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Jun 16, 2006 | Articles

Dixie Chicks: Country fans want 'em back
by Ken Barnes

[from: USA Today, Listen Up] I haven't done an actual tally, but my impression of the hundreds of Dixie Chicks-related comments this blog has spawned would be that they run about 2-1 unfavorable toward the group, their political statements and their conduct in general.

Country radio has not generally been eager to play new (or sometimes old) Chicks songs, and the group has not been actively embracing country radio or fans in its own right. But a new survey indicates that both sides may be shooting themselves in the foot.

Sixty-two percent of country radio listeners want to hear the Chicks on the air. Details follow.

The survey was conducted by the well-respected Promosquad HitPredictor music research firm, which continually polls tens of thousands of radio listeners and music consumers, usually to get their opinions on specific songs so as to gauge their hit potential.

Sometimes the company does more general polling, and recently they asked a sample of country listeners: "Many country radio stations decided not to play the Dixie Chicks' single Not Ready to Make Nice. The reason was that the radio stations claimed you, the country music listeners, did not want to hear them. Do you agree or disagree?"

The result, as I mentioned above, was a 62% disagree response and 38% agreement. The wording of the question makes it a slightly squishy referendum for liking/disliking the group itself, since some people presumably disagreed with the notion of radio pre-emptively making playlist decisions on behalf of listeners. But it's still an interesting indication that the people that radio has decided in its wisdom should not get to hear the Dixie Chicks -- and that the Dixie Chicks have decided in their wisdom that they don't particularly want to be "in their CD changers," as the now-famous quote goes -- mostly would like to hear the group on their favorite radio stations. Kind of sad that it doesn't seem it's going to happen.

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