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HitPredictor: Part of the Hit Music Process
HitPredictor: Part of the Hit Music ProcessFor over 20 years, we have tested songs prior to airplay. After testing almost every release, HitPredictor has shown incredible accuracy in determining the hit potential of new songs prior to airplay.

Led by music industry veterans Guy Zapoleon and Rick Bisceglia, HitPredictor has become the undisputed #1 brand of predictive music research in the nation. HitPredictor performs online predictive music research with a pre-screened nationwide database of music listeners who rate songs, with results determining their "Hit" potential before they are released to radio. In fact, many of today's Top 10 charting songs were chosen by radio programmers and record labels as a result of this company's advance research.

HitPredictor Tests Everything
Although many labels, managers, artists and songwriters use our services in advance to help pick their strongest singles, it is important to know that HitPredictor also tests nearly every song before it is released to radio. Everything tested is eligible to make the HitPredictor weekly chart.

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How We Test Songs...
Songs are tested online by HitPredictor using multiple listens and a nationwide sample of carefully pre-screened music consumers. Songs are rated on a 1-5 scale; final results are based on weighted positives. Songs with a score of 65 or more are judged to have Hit potential, although that benchmark number can vary per format. Songs on the HitPredictor charts are ranked by their HitPredictor scores, with chart positions also listed, according to data provided weekly by MediaBase.